[ast-users] ast beta software download update

Glenn Fowler glenn.s.fowler at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 21:52:40 EDT 2014

the ast beta 2014-04-15 source release
has been posted to the download site
        gsf.cococlyde.org => download => beta
the package names and md5 checksums are
            INIT  09fd885fdfa18cce16787b991dec55e1
        ast-base  313056c51d69c49f0436aba80045bb4a
        ast-open  e65c37b618c9efad76a2af5a4ffc65c9
         ast-ksh  254f08e7741c7174e88c9cb187401fd5
only a few more betas before the official release
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